New Patients

New Patients

We aim to make you feel at home and at ease in our clinic. Setting expectations and making you familiar with our process ensures you get the best personalized care for your condition.

Becoming a patient is easy:

Start by contacting our office to schedule a consultation and exam:

The healing process usually follows 4 steps:

1. Your first appointment, please bring your spouse or a loved one. This will be a 40 minute consultation and examination. This may include a neuro-metabolic exam using non-invasive and pain free in-office tests.

2. You will received a personalized Report of Findings and care of treatment plan. This will include the number of in-office treatments/appointments, technologies to be used at home (if any), metabolic protocols to be used (if any) as well as cost and options for payment.

3. We agree on the financial aspects of how we can help you start healing.

4. Treatment appointments begin. You will meet with Dr. Donatello. He will review exactly what treatments and benefits you will experience during this appointment.

Call our clinic to schedule your consultation and exam. (603) 380-9159.

New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms: Click the button below to download new patient forms prior to your first visit.