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Regenerative Therapies

Stem Cell Therapy

The Center For Wellbeing’s clients receive the most effective, safe, and advanced regenerative stem cell therapy available. Our unique mesenchymal stem cell therapy activates the body’s own self-healing mechanisms for cellular/tissue regeneration and repair. The key advantage for this type of stem cell therapy is that it does not require any surgery and the results have proven to far exceed the common surgery-based autologous procedures. Patients recover faster and there is less potential for complications.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP is concentrated platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It has a higher concentration of growth factors than whole blood, and is used to promote healing. As a concentrated source of blood plasma and autologous conditioned plasma, PRP can stimulate healing of soft tissue and joints. For preparation of PRP, platelets are concentrated to 3–5 times physiological levels, then the concentrate is injected into the tissue where healing is desired.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Hydration & Nutrition Therapy is a method which uses nutrients such as vitamins or minerals (such as Vitamin C, B12, Magnesium and Amino Acids to name a few) and administers these directly into the bloodstream typically through a vein in the arm. By injecting substances directly into the bloodstream, you eliminate any alteration in the nutrients which may occur from the actions of digestive enzymes. The amount of nutrients in the blood can reach much higher, more therapeutic levels faster than is possible by absorbing nutrients through the Gastro-Intestinal system. IV Nutrition Therapy represents an exciting new paradigm in regenerative and functional medicine, allowing us to help a wide variety of conditions safely and effectively through vitamin therapy.

Our Difference

Our clinic specializes in caring for clients with chronic pain, arthritis, chronic inflammatory conditions and COPD using innovative regenerative therapies, such as stem cell therapy and IV Nutrition therapy. Our clients are not satisfied with only masking symptoms with medications. They want to find ways to activate their body’s own ability to heal. They find us because they know there has to be another way to decrease their pain and get back to enjoying their lives. Our office is a supportive environment and listening to the needs of our clients is our top priority.

Client Success Stories

"After years of osteoarthritis in my knees I am virtually pain free.”
Greg C.

" I am so thrilled because I cancelled my knee replacement surgery after having the Stem Cell injections. I am 100 percent better than I was." 
Nancy W.

"I am no longer reliant on my walker. My knees are so much better after the Stem Cell therapy."
Anita H.

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