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Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

We offer our patients non-opioid pain relief. Living with a chronic pain and conditions like osteoarthritis, joint pain and chronic muscle pain is a burden. Instead of masking the pain or providing temporary relief, our approach kickstarts your body’s self-healing mechanisms to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues and cells.

Regenerative Medicine

Weight Loss

Welcome to a weight loss program where can you lose up to 20-40 lbs. of your unwanted fat in about 60 days with NO required exercise, expensive pre-packaged foods, or starvation. These numbers are the average amount of pounds lost in about eight weeks on our Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program. Available In-person and and/or Virtual.

Weight Loss Program

Allergy Immunotherapy

Both prescription and over-the-counter allergy medications like antihistamines and nasal steroids will only mask your symptoms for as long as they are taken. Once the medication is stopped, your symptoms will return. Immunotherapy is the only treatment that can eliminate your allergies.

Allergy Immunotherapy



Studies Show These Are Conditions
Our Weight Loss Program & Therapies May Help


Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain


Neck Pain

Hip Pain 

 Back Pain


Autoimmune Issues


Weight Issues

Type 2 Diabetes


A Research-Backed Approach to Healing

As New England’s premier clinic for providing non-surgical joint pain solutions, weight loss programs, and allergy treatments, our mission is to reduce pain and inflammation and increase our patients’ vitality by getting to the root cause of chronic and inflammatory conditions. 

Our services and treatments alleviate the impact these issues have on your daily life by getting to the cause on a cellular level. Instead of masking the pain or providing temporary relief, many of our research-backed approaches kickstart your body’s self-healing mechanisms for self-repair. We use modern non-surgical treatments and regenerative therapies to sustainably heal chronic pain, help with weight management, and treat mild to severe allergies. Our team makes a tremendous impact on our patients’ lives by helping them to minimize medication and surgery as much as possible with our modern approach. Our dedicated care team is here to help you along the journey to your most optimized health.

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