Drink a Lot More Spring or Filtered Water

Sounds simple, but most of us walk around dehydrated and this can cause fatigue, aches and pains, food cravings, especially in the winter, so this is just a reminder. If you have a water bottle that is easy to carry with you and easy to drink out of, that will help you will drink more. Side note – I love my Swell water bottle. It keeps the water cold all day and fits well in my daily travels.

Try Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

Adding the juice of half a lemon in 1 cup of warm (not boiling) water before that cup of coffee. The list of benefits for your joints, brain, and detox organs is long. Give it a try and see what’s different after a few weeks of incorporating this routine.

Add a Smoothie That Is Nutrient Dense Early in Your Day

Make sure you can get in what your body needs without much time and it travels easily. We all need more green veggies. The vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to help nourish our cells and detoxify are vital to feeling good. (Unless you are on a blood thinner!… Then we come up with plan B.) Start with simple ingredients: 1 C Almond milk, 1 C Frozen Wyman’s Wild Blueberries, 1 C Baby spinach, ½ banana, 1 TBS almond butter or peanut butter. Blend. Put in a covered to go cup. Done. You can make extra and freeze in cups to take for a few days before you need to get the blender out again. With blueberries, you won’t even taste the spinach. More Recipes: Berry Power Smoothie Recipe This smoothie will nourish your body to clear your mind, decrease stress, help you perform and feel at your best. It is packed with fruits, veggies, protein and SuperFoods to start your day or satisfy a mid-afternoon chocolate craving. 1 C almond and/or coconut milk 1⁄2 C any mixed frozen berries ½  Banana Optional: 1⁄4 lemon – rind and all – great detoxifier Add a cup of baby spinach, kale or mixed greens 1⁄2 Avocado – Great whole food with healthy fats to optimize your fat LOSS and anti-inflammatory Optional boosters (Use one, none or all at once!): -Cacao powder (raw organic) Truly a super food and a great source of antioxidants, Magnesium, Iron, fiber, flavanols and polyphenols. 4 grams of fiber and 0 grams of sugar! Helps to improve absorption of antioxidants from berries too. -1 teaspoon Spirulina Powder (I use Earthrise brand- can be found at Portsmouth Health Food) -1 tsp is equivalent to 3-4 servings of fruits and veggies! Antioxidant protection, cardiovascular health, eye & brain health, Immune defense, anti-aging benefits & overall good for the cells! -1⁄2 TBSP Organic Coconut Oil Great for brain function, fat loss, normal thyroid function, great for skin too. -1 TBSP of Almond Butter – good protein and healthy fat source. Blend all for about 1-3 minutes. Caribbean Mango Smoothie INGREDIENTS: 1 C Coconut milk 1C Frozen Mango 1 C Baby spinach, kale or mixed greens 1 tsp Spirulina ½ Avocado – Great whole food with healthy fats to optimize your energy and decrease inflammation 1 Banana (frozen is a great taste option.  Try peeling and freezing half bananas. Store in ziplock bag in freezer. Grab when you need one). Blend for 1-2 minutes  Nerve Tonic – Blueberry Mint Smoothie Serves 1 INGREDIENTS: ¾ C Wild Frozen Blueberries (Wyman’s is a good option) ½ C Frozen Mango ½ C Organic Baby Spinach 2 Fresh Mint Leaves ½ Banana (Frozen bananas are great to have on hand. Just peel when they become extra ripe and keep them in a Ziploc in freezer.) ¼ Avocado 1 TBS Flax Seeds 1 tsp Spirulina 1 C water, Coconut Water or Aloe Juice  Warming Detox Drink Warm lemon/ginger/honey/apple cider vinegar detox drink – Helps reverse disease, boost energy, reduce inflammation and lose body fat. INGREDIENTS: 1 Cup warm water 2TBS Apple Cider Vinegar ½ tsp ginger 1 tsp raw local honey 2 TBS Lemon juice (fresh) Dash of cayenne pepper ¼ tsp cinnamon


Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can have a big impact. Walk, yoga, wall push ups, chair lunges, bike, weights, whatever fits your mobility needs, just do it! Create the time for this and see the magical effect on your life. You matter.

Joy & Love

Last, but not least. Doing things that bring you joy is the BEST health food. When you are creating, learning or being with loved ones (dogs, cats and all pets included), it changes your physiology. It literally changes the way your DNA is expressed in that moment. Consider how powerful you are…. How do you want to EXPRESS yourself today?