Are You a Candidate?

Let’s talk about you: Are you a good candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder, neck, ankle or have chronic back pain, this non-surgical option will provide you lasting relief by activating cellular regeneration and repair.

Our patients range in age from 30-98 years young. We use the best regenerative products available. There are a range of products we use, including those that contain Wharton’s Jelly from human umbilical cords. This means there is NO AGE LIMIT to be a good candidate. These are a boost of “Day 0” verified mesenchymal stem cells (the most powerful regenerative cells & growth factors available) that activate your body’s own self-healing mechanisms for tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation and regulating your immune system.

Review These Questions

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  1. Do you have osteoarthritis or chronic joint pain?
  2. Are you in generally good health?
  3. Are you on less than 4 medications?
  4. Is your cholesterol controlled naturally (without a Statin)?
  5. Is your hemoglobin A1C less than 7?
  6. Are you able to be physically active enough to walk regularly or exercise?
  7. Do you have a mid to low level of stress (less than a 7 on a scale of 1-10)?

If answered yes to at least 4 of these questions, we have excellent news. From our clinical experience, you are highly likely to have the best outcome for the Stem Cell Therapy we provide.

If you answered no to most of these questions, you are NOT alone and you can still benefit from Stem Cell Therapy. Many of our patients have a complicated health history and are on multiple medications. With an exam and consultation with one of our experienced Nurse Practitioners, you can discuss your condition and receive a personalized recommendation for an optimal outcome.

One of the most important things for our patients is setting clear expectations with everyone based on their individual needs. After an exam and consultation, you will have a clear picture of what you can expect based on our personal condition.

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