As we spoke about in previous blog posts, the prevalence of osteoarthritis in the knees continues to be the most common joint in the body that experiences arthritis pain. For those who suffer from osteoarthritis, it is assumed that the only avenue to pain relief is though intensive knee replacement surgery – but studies show that even knee replacements don’t last forever, and can often require additional surgeries or realignments in the long-term.

At the Center for Wellbeing, we leverage our stem cells to help patients find relief from osteoarthritis pain in the knees as well as other joints like shoulders, ankles, etc. By offering stem cells to our patients, we have canceled nearly 60 knee replacement surgeries as stem cells have proven to be an effective, less-invasive alternative to surgery that targets and reduces osteoarthritis pain long-term.

If you’re still questioning whether or not stem cells can help relieve your osteoarthritis pain, we’d like to share a few testimonials from Center for Wellbeing patients who have specifically received the treatment for their osteoarthritis pain:

Betty from Salem, New Hampshire: A chronic knee pain sufferer, Betty hesitantly scheduled surgery to have her meniscus trimmed after having the same surgery on her other knee. It wasn’t until just before her surgery that Betty decided she did not want to lose more cartilage in her knee and looked for an alternative option. After researching stem cells, Betty decided to give it a try and within four months post stem cells, she was pain-free and back to normal knee function.

Nancy from Londonderry, New Hampshire: After experiencing so much knee pain that she could hardly walk, Nancy called her doctor to schedule knee surgery to finally relieve her pain. After hearing a radio placement from Jeffrey Donatello of the Center for Wellbeing, Nancy decided to cancel her surgery and receive stem cells. Following her stem cells, Nancy found that she no longer needed the help of a cane or wheelchair and could walk without any discomfort.

Diane from Manchester, New Hampshire: Diane’s knee pain was so severe that it was holding her back from enjoying the simple things in life like walking and taking a vacation. Six weeks after receiving stem cells, Diane was able to walk a half mile a day, a feat that would have been nearly impossible prior to receiving stem cells, and is back to enjoying her life pain-free.

Mary from York, Maine: Unable to walk in the confines of her own home, Mary’s osteoarthritis in both of her knees was so painful that she knew she had to seek some form of pain relief. After several consultations and conversations with the Center for Wellbeing team, Mary decided to move forward with stem cells in both of her knees. After just six weeks post stem cells, Mary was able to move freely about her home and continued to notice ongoing improvements in mobility and pain relief.

To hear even more testimonials from real Center for Wellbeing patients just like you, please visit the success stories on our website.