What would you do if you had limitless energy, razorsharp clarity, and unshakeable confidence?


Every cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal, we must make new cells. To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts. Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 and/or you cannot achieve -50 millivolts to make new cells. Thus chronic disease is always defined by having low voltage.

The BioCharger NG is a platform that simultaneously transmits 4 types of natural energies that serve to invigorate your body and mind while optimizing your potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. It is completely non-invasive, and has proven to restore strength, stamina, energy, and mental clarity. Think of it as a human recharging station! It works by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body.

Each BioCharger session bathes your entire body with four distinct harmonious energy fields. These transmitted energies have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

For the same reason individuals practice “Earthing” or “Grounding” – which suggests that when the body is grounded, its electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body – the PEMF component of the BioCharger delivers this same electrical potential without the need to venture outside.

BENEFITS: Reduced Inflammation, Faster Healing, Reduced Pain

Electrodynamic (High Voltage)

The BioCharger NG emits voltage, similar to the naturally occurring voltage emitted during a lightning storm.

BENEFITS: Nutrient Uptake Enhancement, Rejuvenation

Frequencies and Harmonics

Harmonics & Frequencies found in nature are produced by the 100-lightning-strikes-per-second occuring within our atmosphere. The energy of these millions of discharges per day are brought indoors using the BioCharger’s Tesla Coil.

BENEFITS: Better mood and cognition, Increased Energy, Reduced Pain

Photonic (light)

Not the light of a lightbulb or the Sun – but naturally occurring element gases vibrating at the speed of light including Argon, Xenon, Krypton, Neon, Helium and Mercury – produce the Light component of the BioCharger. These charged gas particles are most frequently recognized in nature as the Auroras.

BENEFITS: Nutrient Uptake Enhancement, Rejuvenation

With the BioCharger’s advanced technology, you can target a specific aspect of your well-being by selecting one of over 1,000 customized “recipes”.



Subtle energy is all around us, continuously generated by our environment. (Sunlight and electromagnetic waves are examples.) Subtle energy informs and supports our physical bodies, restoring and balancing cellular function. It is as essential as food to sustain optimal wellness.

Subtle energy has been known by many names through the centuries—life force, qi, prana. In more recent history, scientists have been studying the effects of this unified energy.

When we lack subtle energy, our cells lack optimal voltage, which can weaken our physical and mental performance, and amplify the effects of injuries, exhaustion, and stress.

When we are able to achieve optimal cellular voltage, we feel invigorated and full of health. We experience sharp focus during the day, and renewing sleep at night.

“BioCharger sessions are gentle and rejuvenating. You’re not hooked up to wires. You’re not exerting yourself. You can sit, relax, and know that in about 10 minutes, you’ll be on your way to peak cellular function.”

With the BioCharger, you’ll experience: 

The BioCharger NG will revitalize your body, so you can perform at peak levels all day, every day.

Whether it’s a workout, an injury, or the stress, bumps and bruises of everyday life, the BioCharger NG platform will help facilitate a rapid bounce-back.

Getting the most out of your body requires true effort and quick recovery. Just 15 minutes a day with the BioCharger NG can propel you to a new personal best.

The BioCharger NG helps align your mind and body, sharpening your mental clarity so you can work more efficiently and effectively.

The BioCharger NG delivers restorative energy waves that will realign your mind and body, promoting more restful, renewing sleep.

The BioCharger NG helps to improve mobility and flexibility, accelerate muscle recovery, and reduce stiffness in joints.

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