Regenerative Biologics


There is a time and place for medication and surgery, there is a place for biologics that activate your self-healing mechanisms. We use a variety of protocols. Schedule your consultation to learn about your options.  

Typical Patient / Conditions It Treats

Patients with bone-on-bone knee arthritis, arthritis and pain in other joints, or chronic pain can consider regenerative biologics. They are modern alternatives to surgery and medications and typically garner desirable results. Technology is advancing quickly with these products, so you can learn more about these options during your exam or consultation. 

 Conditions Regenerative Biologics Help

  • Bone-on-Bone Knee Arthritis

  • Arthritis of the Hip, Shoulder, Ankle, Neck, Back and Hands. 

  • Chronic Joint Pain From an Old Injury

Typical Outcomes / Patient Expectations

You can learn more about patient outcomes and our clinical experience during your exam. 

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