Healing Offerings

Healing Offerings
No two people are exactly alike. We take time and care with each individual who visits the Center for Wellbeing to customize a unique, personalized plan of therapy that suits their needs. 

At the Center for Wellbeing, our patients receive the most effective, safe and advanced regenerative stem cell therapy available. There are a few main areas of healing that we offer.

Stem Cell Therapy

Human umbilical cord stem cells have an innate intelligence and activate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. With that in mind, the stem cells themselves do not create new tissue or healing; rather, they signal your body to activate a cascade of cellular functions.

Our stem cells age with us and we lose a significant percentage over time. That’s why as we age, our body does not recover at the same rate as it did when we were younger. Our therapies give your body a boost of fresh, very young stem cells to help with regeneration.

Read more about our stem cell therapy here.

ED Therapy

Frustration and embarrassment about your sexual performance can be over. Get to the root cause of your ED and female sexual dysfunction and rejuvenate this aspect of your health for good. We offer an integrated approach to helping you get back to enjoying intimacy with your partner. There are a number of options and combinations of therapies for you to consider for your condition. Based on your needs, we will design the best protocol for you in your private consultation.

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Our Difference

Our clinic specializes in caring for clients with chronic pain, arthritis, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), chronic inflammatory conditions, Peripheral Neuropathy and COPD using innovative regenerative therapies, such as stem cell therapy, PRP and Shock Wave Therapy. Our clients are not satisfied with only masking symptoms with medications. They want to find ways to activate their body’s own ability to heal. We offer a fresh perspective to help them decrease their pain and get back to enjoying their lives.


"After years of osteoarthritis in my knees I am virtually pain-free.”
Greg C.

" I am so thrilled because I cancelled my knee replacement surgery after having the Stem Cell injections. I am 100 percent better than I was." 
Nancy W.

"I am no longer reliant on my walker. My knees are so much better after the Stem Cell therapy."
Anita H.

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