Have you considered holistic health approaches before? If you’re new to the concept, holistic health helps address issues in the body ranging from mental health and wellness to weight management and autoimmune conditions (and beyond!) – all by using nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, bioidentical hormones and other natural therapies.

Women face a unique set of challenges as they age from hormonal changes with pre- and post-menopause, to libido changes and more. It’s important to listen to your body and the cues it may be giving you to help you reach your optimized health.

Here is an overview of the holistic women’s health offerings we provide at the Center for Wellbeing:

Bioidentical Hormones: Bioidentical hormones offer a natural alternative to stabilize hormone deficiencies that elevate your body to its optimized health.

Nutritional Counseling & Functional Medicine: Take a step toward a healthier lifestyle with our professionally-led nutritional counseling. Our team will help you address any dietary imbalances and related ailments while providing an easy-to-follow nutrition plan. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): By harnessing one’s own platelet-rich blood, PRP therapy releases natural growth factors that improve sexual health.

Stem Cells: Stem cell therapy provides your body with the most concentrated and high-quality regenerative cells available to restore your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Not sure what your body is saying or what to do next? Visit our New Patients page to set up your personalized, private consultation to learn more about the best therapies to help you feel better faster.