Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to address a disease or chronic condition, or even prevent them. It’s a form of regenerative therapy that uses the body’s own power to heal ongoing conditions such as arthritis, COPD, chronic pain and injury, erectile dysfunction and even some signs of aging. At the Center for Wellbeing, we believe in getting to the root cause of disease for sustainable therapy, helping our clients achieve long-term health and happiness. But what does life look like after stem cell therapy – can it really be effective, and what is the recovery like? How soon can patients expect results?

The vast majority of patients experience an enormous relief of symptoms. Most have some initial soreness or stiffness after the injections– which are uncomfortable but not painful – that may last a few days. We recommend they wait to participate in high-intensity physical activity for a few weeks after therapy to ensure that they can jump back into exercise or other movement without discomfort. However, the recovery time is fast, especially compared to traditional surgeries that leave people largely immobile for months and often require ongoing medication plan afterwards. It’s perfectly okay to take any medication prescribed by a doctor for other health needs after stem cell therapy.

In the days, weeks and months after stem cell therapy, patients can see results that include reduced pain – particularly in the joints, increased range of motion, improved appearance and other benefits, depending on the treated area. Everyone heals differently, but many achieve some improvements almost immediately. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for surgery or more time-intensive and invasive options. As the months continue, patients see maximum results. A good diet and exercise routine will also help improve and maintain results over time.

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