For patients who experience chronic knee pain from arthritis, medical professionals often default to knee replacement surgery as the method to relieve them from pain. In fact, knee replacement surgeries have doubled from 1999 to 2008, with 3.5 million procedures a year expected by 2030.

With so many knee replacement surgeries being prescribed and technology constantly advancing, it could be assumed that success rates for the surgery are on an upswing, however research suggests that nearly one-third of patients who undergo knee replacement surgery continue to experience chronic pain, while 1 in 5 are dissatisfied with the results, experiencing minimal improvements in their overall quality of life.

Even more concerning, one-third of patients who choose to undergo knee replacement surgery might not be ideal candidates for the surgery, as their arthritis symptoms are not severe enough to warrant such an invasive procedure. Although most knee replacement surgeries are deemed successful, and the procedure is known for being safe and cost-effective, these overwhelming statistics are alarming and patients would be wise to consider alternative methods to reduce pain.

That is where the Center for Wellbeing comes in. The majority of our patients experience knee pain caused by arthritis and are looking for new, less invasive ways to relieve their chronic knee pain. In our first year of offering stem cells, over 50 Center for Wellbeing patients have canceled their previously scheduled knee replacement surgeries after undergoing the stem cell therapies we offer.

Within weeks of receiving the minimally-invasive stem cell or PRP injections, patients begin to experience relief from knee pain and are able to move more freely. More importantly, stem cells are yielding long-term relief from pain, yet another benefit over knee replacement surgery whose artificial knee implants can loosen and detach from the bone over time causing injury and pain.

For patients who are questioning what method to knee pain relief is best for them, we encourage you to head over to our patient testimonials to hear from Center for Wellbeing patients first-hand on why stem cells were the right choice for them!