Peripheral Neuropathy

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Advanced therapies that promote nerve regeneration

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At our facilities in Portsmouth and Bedford, New Hampshire, we provide a comprehensive approach to peripheral neuropathy, aiming for effective relief from its symptoms. Experience transformative outcomes with cutting-edge therapies stimulating nerve regeneration.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Revitalize Your Nerves

Peripheral neuropathy, affecting nerves in the arms and legs, disrupts the body’s communication system, leading to numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness. While causes vary from diabetes to aging, inflammation remains a common denominator.

At our facilities, we witness daily transformations, offering relief from chronic pain and neuropathy’s effects. Our advanced therapies, including Stem Cell-derived biologics, directly target affected areas, stimulating nerve regeneration. Consider these therapies as vital nourishment, fostering growth and restoring connection within your body.

Nourishing Nerve Regeneration with Stem Cell Therapies

Our method incorporates advanced techniques to encourage nerve regeneration. We administer Stem Cell-derived biologics directly to the affected limbs, envisioning them as seeds. The home therapies you undertake serve as crucial nourishment, aiding in their growth.

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