Platinum Plus Program

Platinum Plus Program

“What more can I do?”

Many of our clients have spent years suffering from weight-related issues and they want change to happen as quickly as possible. For those looking for the ultimate services aimed at decreasing full-body inflammation, speeding up weight loss while tightening up specific areas that are traditionally slow to change, look no further.

Cynosure’s Tempsure Envi: this advanced technology uses radiofrequency to heat deep into the skin treating cellulite, melting fat and firming up those tough to help areas like the lower abdomen.
Retail Price: 2995.00

Injectable Peptide: Semaglutide is a safe, FDA-approved peptide that has been shown to speed up the weight loss process in those looking to lose significant weight. Our Nurse Practitioner will guide you through the at-home treatments.
Retail Price: 895.00

Regenerative Therapy Purified Amniotic Fluid: The vast majority of people who have gained weight, also have systemic inflammation. With over  250 billion exosomes per ml in our concentrated product, Dr. Ian White of Neobiosis has created the most anti-inflammatory Regenerative Biologic known to man.
Retail Price: 3900.00


COMING SOON: Cynosure’s Tempsure Vitalia: Specifically designed for woman’s wellness, this probe restores vaginal health and urinary incontinence in as few as two to three 15-minute office visits with our trained professional. Until now, urinary incontinence and/or dry, painful sexual intercourse were tough to help. This is no longer the case. For those with mild to moderate issues, three 20-minute pain-free visits with our nurse practitioner can be a game changer. 

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