Services & Therapies

Services & Therapies

No two people are exactly alike. We take time and care with each individual who visits the Center for Wellbeing to customize a unique, personalized plan of services & therapies that suits their needs.

Regenerative Medicine

Offers Our patients Non-Opioid Pain Relief

Living with a chronic pain and conditions like osteoarthritis, joint pain and chronic muscle pain is a burden. Our therapies alleviate the impact these conditions have on your daily life by treating the cause on a cellular level. Instead of masking the pain or providing temporary relief, our approach kickstarts your body’s self-healing mechanisms to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues and cells.

Functional Medicine

A 360-degree approach to health and pain management that pinpoints physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalances throughout the body. This approach addresses your concerns using nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, bioidentical hormones and other natural therapies.

Regenerative Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Therapies

Reverse aging naturally! Fillers, surgery, and neurotoxins are not your only options for attaining younger, more vibrant skin. Regenerative aesthetics activate your body’s own rejuvenating cells to reverse signs of aging in the skin. Celebrities have sought out regenerative aesthetic treatments for which they attribute to their healthy, youthful skin.

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