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How can Stem Cells help you with your pain, degeneration & inflammation?

As it turns out, some of the most amazing healing and regenerative tissue discovered to date resides exactly where our life begins; in the umbilical cord from a healthy born baby and healthy mom. This tissue is donated and then rigorously tested and processed for regenerative use. Stem Cell Therapy is a customizable regenerative offering. We use umbilical cord stem cells, because they garner the best results for our patients. They contain the highest concentration of "Day 0" mesenchymal stem cells and other growth factors that signal your cells to activate your own self-healing healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation and regenerate tissue. We work with the most sophisticated companies in the industry. One of our key partners is Predictive Biologics based in Utah. After testing and processing the tissue, it is packaged in vials and cryogenically frozen and shipped to us for you. Umbilical cord stem cells have been used for over 30 years to help prevent organ rejection during organ transplant surgery. It’s been safely used for decades, but now it is specially packaged in an an “off the shelf” manner so we can inject for joint health and regeneration. Our patients report excellent results for joint pain, arthritis and many other conditions. 

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Stem Cells

Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cells 

Not all stem cells are created equal. The Center for Wellbeing utilizes umbilical cord-derived stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord blood are known to have three very important properties: they help reduce inflammation; modulate the immune system; and secrete factors that helps tissue to regenerate.

How Do They Work?

Human umbilical cord stem cells have an innate intelligence and activate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. They seek out inflammation and degeneration. In other words, they give your body a boost of fresh, “day 0”, stem cells to help with regeneration. Our stem cells age with us and we lose a significant percentage over time. That's why as we age, we don't recover as quickly as we did in our younger years.

Safe and Regulated 

Umbilical cord stem cells reside in the umbilical cords from healthy newborn babies and healthy mothers. Like all post-natal cells, they are categorized as “adult” stem cells. The umbilical cord tissue is donated by pre-screened and tested healthy mothers and healthy babies in the United States. We abide by the most stringent FDA and medical guidelines with our partners, Predictive Biotech in Utah. 

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