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Stem Cell Exosome Therapy 

Arthritis & Joint Conditions 

There is a time and place for medication and surgery, and finally there is a safe and effective place for self-healing biologics such as Stem Cell Exosome Therapy.

Please keep in mind this is not a medication or treatment specifically for arthritis or any other condition. This is a regenerative therapy cleared and regulated by the FDA. The products we use are FDA registered and processed in accordance with 21 CFR 1271 for “Homologous Use” to cover and protect tissues by providing cushioning, lubrication, and support. 

About Stem Cell Exosome Therapy

The Center for Wellbeing utilizes Stem Cell Exosomes derived from perinatal tissue (amniotic, placental, umbilical cord and Wharton’s Jelly).  

The exosomes from mesenchymal cells and are known to have three very important properties:

  • Help reduce inflammation
  • Modulate the immune system 
  • Helps tissue to regenerate

Because the exosomes are not live cells, they have the concentrated benefits of “day 0” MSC’s without having to use live stem cells. They are compatible with everyone and they will not be rejected by the immune system. Studies show they are far more potent than “older” stem cells, such as those found in the bone marrow or fat of the patient.

Stem Cell Exosomes. Our unique Stem Cell Exosome Therapy activates the body’s own self-healing mechanisms for tissue regeneration and repair without having to use the live stem cells.  


Stem Cell Exosomes – Next Generation Biologic  

Not all stem cell derived products are created equal. 

The Medical Team here at the Center for Wellbeing provide personalized protocols using the most effective, safe and advanced regenerative therapies available. Exosomes are cell-derived nanoparticles that play a pivotal role in cell to cell communication and are involved in a wide range of physiological processes. They are small vesicles that look like tiny bubbles and are released by a variety of cell types, including mesenchymal stem cells from perinatal tissue (amniotic, placental, umbilical cord and Wharton’s Jelly). We have always been aware that the exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells are the “power house” messengers signaling a cascade of cellular functions activating healing and repair. This includes upregulating genes in order to facilitate or speed up the healing process. 

The research and technology has advanced enough that we can now harness and isolate the exosomes (messengers) without the need of live stem cells. Exosomes are available in a concentrated form to provide a more effective patient outcome. Exosomes also allow for more applications because they cross the blood brain barrier and research shows they help systemic inflammatory conditions. 

A bit more technical information about mesenchymal stem cell exosomes: They have an important role in the transfer of proteins, mRNA and miRNA and other bioactive molecules between cells and regulate gene expression in recipient cells, thus influencing various molecular pathways. After extensive research and collaborating with doctors around the country to gain knowledge and proof of results, we made the decision to bring this game changing therapy to our patients. Together with our Medical Director and New Hampshire Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, we use the most advanced and personalized protocols to address your condition. The key advantage for this type of Regenerative Medicine therapy is that it does not require any surgery and the results have proven to far exceed the common surgery-based autologous procedures. Your recovery is faster with far less potential for complications.


What are mesenchymal stem cells (MCS’s)?


In scientific terms, mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stromal (connective tissue) cells that stimulates your body to differentiate them into a variety of cell types, including neurons, cartilage, fat, blood (red, white or platelet blood cells), bone, and muscle. Multipotent means they can develop into multiple types of cells, but divide a limited number of times (a built in safety mechanism). They are messengers that signal your body to activate self-healing and regeneration. The MSC’s themselves do not create new tissue or healing, they signal your body to activate a cascade of cellular functions. As we age, we have fewer mesenchymal stem cells, therefore getting a boost of day “0” Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exosomes may help many conditions. 

We selected Stem Cell Exosomes for a number of reasons: 

Isolating the beneficial signals secreted by stem cells and using them rather than the stem cells themselves are the next generation of therapy. The combination of components make this a powerful therapy.                       

Components of Amniotic Fluid:

    1. Exosomes from MSC’s
    2. Cytokines
    3. Chemokines
    4. Growth Factors
    5. Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Benefits of Amniotic Fluid:

    1. Provides Homeostasis
    2. Protects & Cushions
    3. Provides Tissue Support
    4. Provides Lubrication
    5. Optimal Viscosity

It is the safest and most effective regenerative biologic therapy option and it does not require surgery.

There are no negative side effects from stem cell exosomes. 

How do they work?

Simply stated, Stem Cell Exosomes have an innate intelligence and activate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. When we are born, we have a vast supply of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s), but as we age and degenerate, our MSC’s degenerate with us. They are only as fit as we are and we lose a significant amount over time. That’s why at about age 35, we can’t recover or heal as quickly as we used to. We just do not have as much regenerative power as we did when we were 15. 

Stem Cell Exosomes from MSC’s seek out inflammation and go where your body needs them to go and become what your body needs them to become. In other words, when having  Stem Cell Exosome Therapy, you are giving your body a boost of fresh, “day 0”, regenerative signaling power to help with healing and repair. 

What Stem Cell Exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells do:

    • Seek out degeneration
    • They build, repair and grow new tissue
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • They are effective in providing homeostasis (the natural balance in the body), reducing inflammation and pain
    • Immunomodulatory
    • They modulate the body’s immune responses 


The stem cell exosomes are procured and processed in the United States according to standards and regulations established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). All local donors. Donor ethics and non-reactive FDA approved serological screening includes: 

  • Donor consent prior to collections
  • HCV (Hepatitis C Antibody)
  • HBsAG (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen)
  • HIV 1/11-Ab (HIV Nucleic Acid Test)
  • HBcAb (Hepatitis B core Antibody)
  • HCV NAt (HCV Nucleic Acid Test)

Regulatory Factors

Amniotic fluid allografts have been FDA registered and processed in accordance with 21 CFR 1271 for “Homologous Use” to cover and protect tissues by providing cushioning, lubrication, and support. 

We aim to provide the most effective regenerative therapies to get our patients back to

doing what they love.

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"After years of osteoarthritis in my knees I am virtually pain-free.”
Greg C.

" I am so thrilled because I cancelled my knee replacement surgery after having the regenerative stem cell exosome therapy. I am 100 percent better than I was." 
Nancy W.

"I am no longer reliant on my walker. My knees are so much better after the Stem Cell Exosomes."
Anita H.

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