TempSure® Vitalia

TempSure® Vitalia Vaginal Treatment

Gradual hormonal changes become much more common as we get older. These shifts in hormones can sometimes result in vaginal laxity, dryness, and other menopause side effects. Here at the Center for Wellbeing, we rely on the TempSure® Vitalia vaginal treatment to deliver feminine wellness without surgery. This FDA-cleared system provides vaginal rejuvenation while minimizing your discomfort and downtime. Vitalia works by reversing some of those unwanted changes through collagen synthesis induction. Increased collagen in the vaginal wall leads to increased tightening and hydration, improving overall function.

What is TempSure® Vitalia Vaginal Treatment?

Our TempSure® Vitalia device stimulates new collagen production by gently delivering radiofrequency heat to your vaginal wall. The Vitalia handpiece is specially made for small, hard-to-reach areas, such as vaginal and labial tissue. The use of the handpiece improves local circulation and stimulates collagen and elastin formation in these areas. The new collagen fibers formed through this process are tight and dense. This is an easy and effective treatment to maintain intimate wellness during both menopause and even perimenopause age.

How Does TempSure® Vitalia Help?

At the Center for Wellbeing, we use the Vitalia to address a range of different feminine concerns. Whether you struggle with some or all of these issues, this treatment can provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for. The concerns we tackle the most with this device include:

How Does The Vitalia Vaginal Treatment Work?

Our TempSure® Vitalia vaginal treatment is specifically made for women. Its gentle heating technology provides excellent relief from vaginal laxitydryness, and incontinence. A welcome alternative to medication, Vitalia poses little risk of side effects. When you arrive, our Nurse Practitioner will take the time to listen to and understand your concerns. If Vitalia is indeed the best choice, she can administer the treatment with the highest care to minimize your discomfort and maximize your results.


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