Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

Doctor Developed Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

Revolutionize Your Health and Fitness with our Personalized Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program: Achieve Your Unique Goals. It’s not about calories. It’s about what’s really important; Your blood sugar, hormones, insulin and inflammation.  

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Welcome to lasting change and life long health.

Welcome to a transformative weight loss journey tailored to prioritize what truly counts: your blood sugar, insulin, hormones, and inflammation. Unlike programs fixated on calorie counting, points, or shakes, ours offers a revolutionary approach. 

Experience the potential to shed 20-40 lbs. of stubborn fat in just 60 days—no mandatory exercise, costly pre-packaged foods, or deprivation required. These results aren’t just a promise; they represent the average weight loss based on our clinical experience achieved within eight weeks through our groundbreaking permanent weight loss program. 

Our methodology revolves around optimizing your metabolism for weight management, devoid of medications, HCG, dangerous injections, or stimulants. It’s a natural system that disregards age, gender, or lifestyle barriers—focusing solely on your readiness to turn your weight loss aspirations into reality. 

Excitingly, our doctor-designed program is now accessible to all at an incredibly affordable rate. Our comprehensive system doesn’t just stop at providing a solution—it incorporates Health Coaches offering continual guidance and unwavering support. Moreover, if you opt for our Premium Program, our team of Functional Medicine Experts conducts an in-depth analysis to personalize a plan specifically tailored to target and improve your inflammatory markers, empowering you on a holistic wellness journey.  

Central to our approach is a safe and powerful proprietary blend of supplements. These supplements are more than mere aids—they serve as potent appetite suppressants, kickstarting your body’s natural fat-burning capacity. Under our expert guidance, you’ll finally unlock the potential to achieve the weight loss you’ve envisioned for yourself. 

Join us and embark on a journey towards the healthiest, happiest you. 

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How Our Program Works


Find The Plan For You

Once you have signed up for the Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program, one of our Health Coaches will sit down with you and explain how to follow your plan. They will work with you on how to integrate your plan with your day-to-day lifestyle, introduce the proper foods to you, give you tips and tricks for success, and be there to answer any questions you might have.

Proprietary Supplements

We a proprietary product over the course of your personalized program, to RESET YOUR METABOLISM. This product is safe and natural and has not shown to cause any side effects. Even with existing medical conditions and medications, we find that your doctor will typically agree this supplement is safe to use.


Health Coaching

Each day/week you can look forward to seeing how your body looks and feels both on the scale and in the mirror. One of our health coaches will review your results, review your food journal, and educate you on nutrition and lifestyle choices as needed. We want this to be the last weight loss program you ever participate in and we do everything we can to help you stay on target! 

Why Our Program Works

Healthy Meal Plan

We work with you to design a meal plan you can live with. No starvation. No hunger. No prepackaged food. Our food protocol formula includes lean proteins, specific vegetables and fruits. Everything can be found at your grocery store and we’ll teach you how to shop and to prepare your food in a nourishing way. 

Proprietary Nutrition Supplements

We use a series of proprietary products over the course of your personalized program, to RESET YOUR METABOLISM. These products are safe and natural and have not shown to cause any side effects.

Reduce Inflammation with Functional Medicine

Healthy sustainable weight loss is not about calories in vs. calories out. The key to a healthy metabolism is to keep inflammation low and to allow cells to “hear” hormones that your body naturally produces, which direct and regulate your metabolism.

Health Coaching & Support

Having a coach and a healthy support system is key to making permanent and sustainable changes. Not only are you receiving coaching from a doctor but you also have the opportunity to be a part of our online support group, which will make the process fun, enjoyable and sustainable.

Video Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before my consultation?

Why no exercise?

How we are unique?

Concerns you may have about committing to our Metabolic Reset

Details about our Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

What is a Health Coach? Meet a few of ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about the Center for Wellbeing Weight Loss Program?

What makes Center for Wellbeing Weight Loss different is that we address the metabolism by resetting it and not speeding it up as do most other programs. Our main focus is to create a healthy environment in the body for your cells to thrive, thereby “hearing” the hormones your body naturally.

How is this accomplished?

We teach you how and what “real” food to eat without counting calories or points. In addition, we use specific neutraceuticals over a short period of time to assist the body in resetting your metabolism.

Do I have to come into the office for the initial FREE consultation?

Yes, we ask that you come in for the initial consultation so we can meet you and learn more about you, your health goals. If you live several hours from our office, we can make the exception and do a FREE phone consult. To schedule your in office consult, please call 603-380-9159!

Do I have to come into the office every week?

No. We have developed a platform that allows you to successfully complete the program from the comfort of your home.

How much is the program and do you offer payment plans?

We are not able to provide costs without knowing more about you, your health and weight loss goals. That is why we offer a FREE, no obligation consult to learn more about you and what plan would best suit you.

Do I have to exercise?

No, you don’t need to exercise regularly to lose weight on our Weight Loss program.

Do I have to count calories?

No, our program liberates you from ever having to count points or calories.

Do you prescribe medications or HCG?

No, we don’t use medications or exogenous hormones such as HCG. We use safe, natural products to predictably help people to reset their metabolism.

Will I be able to eat out and socialize?

Yes, absolutely. We teach you how easy it is to be successful while on the program and after you have completed your program.

I'm a vegetarian, do I qualify?

No. This program is not optimal for people who are limited with their types of protein preferences.

Will the program give me suggestions on what to eat?

Yes. Our program is extremely flexible and you can use it to record your own food choices or you can use the extensive recipe list both for the program as well as for after the program.

Does it matter how old I am?

No – as long as you’re over 18 you can use our program. Our oldest client to date is 90 years of age

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Disclaimer: Individual weight loss results will vary. Typical weight loss is 1-4 pounds per week based on the client's age, weight, and weight loss goals. Calorie restriction is required to lose weight, and many of our clients who complete the program will lose between 10-20% of their total body weight in 60 days.